About us

Diamoon was founded in July 2020 by Debora Freitas, with the primary goal of empowering and boosting the self-esteem of all women in search of Brazilian and quality semi-jewelry in Canada.


The story behind MOON and DIAMOND.

I was inspired by the symbol of Canoa Quebrada beach (moon and star) located in Aracati/Ceará - Brazil for our logo. I practically grew up on that beach, part of my family lives in Aracati and I only have wonderful memories of it... And it's from these memories that I decided to draw inspiration for my new brand of Brazilian semi-precious jewelry here in Canada.


About Debora Freitas (Owner)

I have always been passionate about accessories. As a child, I made jewelry to sell at my school and a few years ago, I started a jewelry atelier in Brazil. I loved working in this field and that passion stayed with me when I moved to Canada. However, like any immigrant, the beginning was not easy! I was afraid to invest in this industry, didn't know anyone, and was scared of the new experience, so I put that desire aside. During the pandemic, I remembered my atelier and asked myself, "Why not invest in this industry again?" That's when I came up with the idea of starting a brand of Brazilian semi-precious jewelry, bringing the best pieces with high quality.